The Hinterbreiteneben was originally build by the Carthusian monastery Gaming in the 16th century. In the following centuries is served the owners as farmhouse and dwelling. It was a place to stay while taking care of the surrounding meadows, while coming together to hunt, or to escape the hot summers in Vienna. The more recent ownership lay with the comital house of Seefried and went, by terms of succession, via Prince Alexander of Bavaria to the present owner Johannes Hoyos.
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One immediately feels the peace and strength of the mighty and timeless stone walls as one enters the Hinterbreiteneben. Here one strides centuries-old wooden floors, which were worn smooth by countless feet and the passing of centuries. One passes old farmhouse-doors, which give way to the inhabitants today, just as they have done for uncounted years.

The ancient walls still transmit, how the dairymaids heated water in the iron tub, how warm bread was baken in the morning and how ham took fragrant taste in the ancient smoker. One is inspired to dream, how former owners met with their friends for hunting or to retreat for a few quiet days.

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